What's NEW?

2019 Segmented Turning Helper Version 3. Includes 3D modelling of project and many othed improvements.

2017 Laminated Bowls - Assists in construction of bowls from boards.

A programming environment for primary and secondary education.

2016 PasswordKeeper Plus -
Keep important information secure with PasswordKeeper Plus.

2015 Segmented Turning Helper - Assists in creating segmented turning projects.

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Password Keeper
Password Keeper helps you maintain your important information securely.

Use Password Keeper to store your;
  • Passwords
  • Bank Account Numbers
  • Plastic Card Numbers
  • Tax File Numbers
  • Software Registrations
and any other important information in a secure and easily accessible way.

Win 10, 8, 7
The main purpose of this site is to publish software I develop. The software is for the Windows desktop and should run on all current versions of Windows. All software is free of charge except for Password Keeper, for which I ask a small fee of $20. Money from sales of this product will be donated to Medecins Sans Frontieres and other worthy organizations.

Apart from software development I have a few other interests; the study of the cosmos and related subjects and the practical craft of woodturning. I belong to the local woodcraft group at Wonthaggi in a beautiful part of Australia known as Bass Coast. The image at the top of the page makes my point better than I can ever do with words. I also belong to the local U3A group through which I pursue my astronomy interests and study.
SKETCH is a coding/programming environment for primary and secondary education.

SKETCH introduces common programming language elements in association with geometric functions to produce a computer coding environment that is quickly learnt and enjoyable to use.

SKETCH provides a canvas where you can draw simple geometric elements. With the application of computer programming structures such as the If statement, loops and variables and the power of programming increasingly complex graphic output can be drawn on the canvas.

The software is Microsoft Windows based and is free. Simply download it to your computer, install it and use it.
Win 10, 8, 7

See the Education page and Download page for other available software.

Laminated Bowls
This software will provide you with all the necessary ring dimensions and other values when constructing;

      a) a bowl from a single board
      b) a bowl from multiple boards

The software is free and should be used for private use only.
Simply download it to your computer, install it and use it.
Win 10, 8, 7

Segmented Turning Helper -Version  3
Version 3 of Segmented Turning Helper improves the graphical features of the software providing a full 3-dimensional rendering of the project. This provides a very realistic view of the finished item including use of wood textures to render the segments in the 3D image.

This version also improves the printout of the segment lengths.

When you install version 3 the previous version is NOT overwritten but remains fully installed and you may use both versions simultaneously. Uninstall version 2 when you are confident version 3 meets your needs.

The software is free and should be used for private use only.
Simply download it to your computer, install it and use it.
Win 10, 8, 7