What's NEW?
2016 PasswordKeeper version 2. Much improves password keeper program.

2015 Segmented Turning Helper - Assists in creating segmented turning projects.

2014 Magic Numbers - exercises addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

2014 Magic Square - exercises addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Magic Square
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Magic Square is used to exercise mental Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction.  Magic Square displays an 8x8 grid of numbers and selects pairs of numbers from the grid at random to present problems to be solved.

Suitable for five year olds and above. Scores are maintained. Ideal for classroom use.

Totally free for educational use.
The software modules on this page have been designed for educational use.  The software may be used in a classroom setting or by the student at home. It is totally free to use the software. You may download the software and run it on any PC running Microsoft Windows.
Magic Numbers
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Magic Numbers is used to exercise mental multiplication, addition , subtraction and division.  You are given four numbers and a solution value. You are required to form a mathematical expression using a combination of the four basic operations, +, -, *, / and the four numbers you are given.  For example, if the four numbers are 3,2,3,1 and a solution value is 9, a valid correct expression is 3*2+3/1.  

Suitable for eight year olds and above. Scores are maintained. Ideal for classroom use.

Totally free for educational use.
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Function Plotter
  • Supports Cartesian, Polar and Parametric functions.
  • Designed for classroom use.
  • Easy to add and edit functions.
  • Added functions saved for later use.
  • Any number of function files may be saved.
  • Function is drawn as it is created.

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  • Suitable for individual, classroom or corporate use.
  • Suitable for beginners to learn touch-typing.
  • Suitable for advanced users to improve speed and accuracy.
  • Visual and audible feedback as you type.
  • Constantly monitors speed and accuracy.
  • Speed and accuracy tests.  Thirteen supplied and you may create more of your own.
  • Typing statistics saved to disk.
  • User reports of typing statistics.
  • Users may create their own typing courses and tests.
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TOUCH - the professional Typing Tutor
SKETCH is a coding/programming environment for primary and secondary education.

SKETCH introduces common programming language elements in association with geometric functions to produce a computer coding environment that is quickly learnt and enjoyable to use.

SKETCH provides a canvas where you can draw simple geometric elements. With the application of computer programming structures such as the If statement, loops and variables and the power of programming increasingly complex graphic output can be drawn on the canvas.

The software is Microsoft Windows based and is free. Simply download it to your computer, install it and use it.
Win 10, 8, 7, Win XP