What's NEW?

2020 Plot3D Online version. See link on home page to try.

2019 Plot3D will plot cartesian, polar and parametric functions to create a 3-dimensional surface.

2019 Segmented Turning Helper Version 3. Includes 3D modelling of project and many othed improvements.

2017 Laminated Bowls - Assists in construction of bowls from boards.

A programming environment for primary and secondary education.

2016 PasswordKeeper Plus -
Keep important information secure with PasswordKeeper Plus.

2015 Segmented Turning Helper - Assists in creating segmented turning projects.

Download TOUCH V8 
Download TOUCH-the Professional Typing Tutor
Current release: V8.0  Size: 4.4 MB
Win 10/8/7

Download SKETCH Version 1.0 
Download Sketch a coding environment for primary and secondary education.
Current release: Version 1.0  Size: 4.5 MB
Win 10/8/7
Download Password Keeper Plus 
Download Password Keeper Plus for maintaining important information secure.
Current release: V2.0  Size: 1.4 MB
Win 10/8/7
Download Plot2D 
2D Function Plotter
Current release: V2.0  Size: 2.4 MB
Win 10/8/7
Download Magic Square 
Download Magic Square
Current release: V1.0  Size: 1.0 MB
Win 10/8/7
Download Magic Numbers 
Download Magic Numbers
Current release: V1.0  Size: 1.4 MB
Win 10/8/7
Download Segmented Turning Helper Version3 
Download Segmented Turning Helper - to assist you in calculating segment lengths for your projects.
Current release: Version  Size: 7.5 MB
Win 10/8/7
Copyright © John Di Stefano (All Rights Reserved)
Download Laminated Bowls 
Download Laminated Bowls - to assist you in making bowls from one or more boards.
Current release: Version  Size: 4 MB
Win 10/8/7
Download Plot3D
3D Function Plotter
Current release: V1.0  Size: 11.4 MB
Win 10/8/7